Fat Tuesday–There’s a holiday for that?

This is so awesome!  They made a holiday just for full-figured folks like me.  I threw myself into the celebration whole-heartedly.  I have to tell you all about it….

So…. because it was unseasonably warm, I chose to attend the Mardi Gras festivities sans clothing.  Immediately, guys were giving me shiny beads to wear around my neck.  Aren’t they pretty?  Apparently, that’s a thing…..

Then I heard that the person (or dog) that finds the plastic baby in their piece of cake wins a special prize.  Being the highly intellectual girl I am, I decided to improve my chances dramatically (to 100%) by eating ALL the cake before anyone else could get any.  Guess who got the plastic baby?  ME!  (I really can’t believe no-one else figured out that strategy before)  My prize?  A super pretty, but quite uncomfortable and rather precarious TIARA.


After my amazing cake win, we all enjoyed quite a few yummy cocktails, resulting in the loss of my beautiful tiara.  I’m sure some other B____ found it and took it home.  I begged for another tiara, but was denied.  I even said I was willing to eat another whole cake.

Some more raucous partying ensued — we played a little fetch, drank some more cocktails, chewed on some people’s shoes, drank some more cocktails, did a little karaoke, drank some more cocktails, and reflected on the past year.


By the end of the evening, I was dog-tired (see what I did there?)


My Mom tells me the next 40 days are a time for quiet reflection,  spiritual contemplation, and self-denial.  I think I could use the former, given my current headache situation, and the latter should help with my diet.  Here’s to Lent.