I have to tell you, my walks to the park have been a little less delightful lately due to the unkind comments and observations of many of the humans I have encountered.  While these people stop to talk to me, and to pet me, they feel compelled to comment on my physique.  They say tactful things like “she’s SO fat!”, or “what a chubster”, or “she’s a real heavy-weight!”  One Chines couple even managed to get their insults across in spite of the fact they didn’t speak English — they simply gestured as to how wide I was an giggled.

First of all, I’m not fat; I’m stocky.  Some would say “thick.”  I am an English Bulldog, people.  This is how I was bred to be.  If you look up my breed online, a female Bulldog should be 12-18 inches tall and 40-50 lbs.  I am approximately 17 inches tall and 45 pounds.  I have broad shoulders, an expansive chest, and wrinkles.  But my waist and belly are flat.  I am very muscular.  I have to admit I am not very “feminine” by human standards.  Even when I wear frilly dresses, like the one in this picture, I kind of look like a guy.  But it is who I am.

Even if you think I am fat or not your idea of a lady, I am not sure why you think it’s OK to voice that opinion upon greeting me.  Nobody says my Greyhound buddies are “so skinny” or that their legs are “twiggy” or comments on the fact you can see their ribs.  Who decided that emaciated was beautiful and that muscular was not?  I know, the fashion industry, the media, society…. But why can’t people think for themselves?  I am who God made me to be.  I am strong, and proud, and confident, and SEXY!  And if you don’t think so, keep your opinion to yourself!




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